Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday??

It's here - Superbowl Sunday. Why the hype?? Sure I love to watch football, but this would be just another game without all the media frenzy - and the commercials. Aren't they great! Did you see the Doritos comercial where the dog put the bark collar on the guy - Loved it!!

But I digress. This is about art and creating. Here is the bracelet that I will list as my weekly item. I love the clasp that I have used on this piece, and recent others, with the drop beads accenting it. I think it adds to the quality of the piece and is worth the extra time. The body of the totally black bracelet uses square beads and seed beads to create texture. I hope you like it.
I also will finish and list the necklace that I posted last week as a work in progress (the spiral herringbone rope with the really cool pendant). Thanks to the suggestion of Christine of Christine's Beadworks to make this a multi-function piece, the pendant will be removable and the spiral herringbone necklace will be a piece that can be worn alone. Thanks Christine for the suggestion. Visit Christine's wonderful shop at
Now to the difficult part - asking for help! I am totally at a loss as to how to finish this necklace. I really love the spiral rope, but I can't come up with a way to finish it. I posted it last week as a work in progress and it still is. I have the concept of a short lariat with the circle as the focal piece, but what next?? Any ideas?

Finally, I have created circles. While I really enjoyed creating them, they are currently just circles. Not unlike crop circles, they don't have any current value. I am trying to determine where to go with them next! I will give this dilema some thought and report my revelations in next week's blog.

Until then - enjoy life!


  1. No ideas on finishing - sorry! Oh - but for the circles, you could easily make a pair of earrings :) Use one each on an earring wire, or combine two or three for a "shoulder duster" look.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I may give that a try. I am still pondering.

  3. My favorite Superbowl commercial was definitely the Snickers one with Betty White-I LOVE that woman! LOL

    That black bracelet you finished is just stunning. I hope that one way I will be able to bead weave like that!

    Do I have any ideas for the necklace....Did you want to stick with beadweaving, or are you open to other things like natural stone or resin?

  4. The necklace still eludes me. I am open to all suggestions. If I don't have a clear direction by the end of the week, I think I will put it up for a while. I have been obsessing and getting nowhere. I love the spiral, but it just dosen't open up any possibilities that I can see.